Ideas & Inspiration…Swatches

virginia3fab3SWATCHES- I am not sure why we sometimes forget to take a trip to the fabric store for inspiration! The colors and patterns of decorator, quilting and dress fabrics are a fantastic spark of creation. Whether I am choreographing, creating for the stage, or the table, I take such joy in finding a seed of inspiration from fabrics. So, I cannot tell you how excited I was when a fellow dancer called upon me to design her tables based on fabrics her aunt had collected for the tables. The gorgeous fabrics came to me in little swatches attached to charts describing the table sizes–so organized!! And the fun began- each table got it’s own personal mix to enhance the fabrics. Asheville’s vintage china couldn’t be happier to travel to this creative Virginia wedding on the family’s beautiful estate.

lola5So look and imagine where you could find inspiration…a walk in the garden, a family heirloom, a stack of travel photos, a favorite piece of art, an era bygone, or…

Here is a peak into the workings of a custom design, created across the miles through email photos and a package full of swatches, charts and definitely thoughtful planning from a beautiful bride. A wonderful process and one of the ways we make our Asheville Vintage China for Weddings a personal experience. UpStyle your day, your way.






















lola3from process to beautiful result! See more from Lola’s opulent wedding


























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